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Who We Are

Meet Aravita

and become part of this positive change to the world!

Welcome to Aravita, a global startup that uses artificial intelligence to solve one of the major challenges of the food industry: waste.

We enable new levels of efficiency in retail fresh food operations, reducing waste caused by overstocking and loss of sales due to out-of-stock products, driving positive and important impacts on economic, social and environmental realms.

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Our Purpose

To strengthen retailers and their fresh food operations, increasing profitability whilst leading to a more sustainable world

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Our Solution

Using advanced deep and reinforcement learning AI models, we handle the complexity of fresh food operations to reduce food waste and lost sales

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Our Commitment

We have an important role in helping to achieve UN SDG Target 12.3: By 2030, halve per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels


Marco Perlman



BA Economics and MS Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. Worked in Management Consulting (McKinsey and Gradus) and PE/VC (GP Investments). Founded Digipix in 2004, Latam's leading online  printer of photo/B2C products. Active member of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through Endeavor (mentor since 2000), H2, early stage investments.


Aline Neves de Azevedo



Double Degree in Chemical Engineering from POLI-USP and École Centrale Paris in France. She began her career in Agribusiness Consulting in France and in Marketing at Dow in Brazil, before transitioning to Product Management at ABInbev and Loft, where she became the Head of Product for CredPago, one of Loft's investees.


Bruno Schrappe



BS Electronic Engineering from USP and Business from FGV. MS from Rochester Institute of Technology and extension work at MIT, Harvard and U of Toronto. Founded Off7Digital, a printing company with advanced technology, leading to a CTO role at Arizona, a Premedia and Marketing Automation Company. Founded SapienX in Toronto, Canada, which provides Enterprise Architecture and DataScience/AI services to North American customers

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