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A fresh look at fresh food

Finally, the solution grocers needed to boost profits and eliminate waste in fresh food operations


Maximize Profitability

Optimize your fresh food purchase orders with artificial intelligence, reducing overstocking, food waste and unnecessary costs


Boost Sales

Benefit from intelligent forecasting and order recommendations that minimize lost sales due to stale products or out-of-stock items


Drive Performance

Leveraged by a fresh-focused technology, your team can optimize decision-making for better productivity and efficiency

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Fresh Food Waste

FAO estimates that 45% of all fruits and vegetables produced globally are wasted. It has the highest wastage rates of any food category.


Environmental Impact

According to IPCC, food loss and waste accounts for 8-10% of total human-made greenhouse gas emissions, besides wasted natural resources


Food Insecurity

Food waste contributes to rising prices and exacerbates food insecurity, affecting around 800 million people worldwide

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